About Us


Dorothy’s Discovery Daycare Center, Inc. opened as a Group Day Care Home in December 2003 caring for 12 children ages 6 weeks-12 years. In April 2005 we became a Childcare Center and increased our enrollment to include before and after school care.

The Center is located within a residential neighborhood. Most of the children attending the Center live nearby and feel comfortable in their surroundings. Children are cared for in different age groups but visit friends and siblings to enhance the family atmosphere and to provide an opportunity for long-term friendship.

The center is open 7:00a.m. – 6:00p.m. Monday-Friday year around. We invite you to visit our center, get to know us and discuss opportunities for your child.

About Our Staff

All our lead teachers generally have a two-year degree in early childhood education or a related field; however, a four-year degree in Early Childhood Education is preferred. We also look at past teaching experiences when hiring for our centers.

Staff are required to complete the following before unsupervised contact with children:

  • A comprehensive fingerprint background check
  • Negative TB test
  • Shaken baby syndrome, safe sleep practices and sudden infant death syndrome training
  • Child maltreatment training, recognizing, and reporting suspected abuse and neglect
  • Conflict resolution training

Our staff are required to complete the following within 90 days of hiring:

  • Administration of medication
  • Prevention of and response to emergencies due to food and allergic reactions
  • CPR, First Aid, and Blood Borne Pathogens training.
  • Emergency preparedness and response training
  • A.L.I.C.E training
  • Precautions in transporting children
  • Child development
  • Record keeping for children under 2.5 years old and primary caregiver training

Our Mission

Dorothy’s Discovery Daycare Center provides affordable, quality childcare for all children. The service is offered in a safe, healthy and developmentally appropriate environment.
We are committed to providing a developmentally appropriate program, with the help of well-trained teachers, a variety of materials and equipment and a small adult to child ratio. We provide educational opportunities for the well-rounded growth and development of children and partners with parents in the adventure of their child’s development. We utilize the “Highscope Curriculum” in each of our classrooms. It closely matches our philosophy and the mission of our program. We engage children in an environment that is child-initiated, child-directed and teacher supported.

Our Philosophy

According to the Michigan State Board of Education “Standards of Quality and Curriculum,” early childhood education programs must develop a written philosophy based on: “An underlying theory or statement of fundamental beliefs which establishes a framework for program decisions and provides direction for goal setting and program implementation.”
DDDC has developed a philosophy based on current theories and research in the field of early childhood education. Inherent in this philosophy is our dedication to ensuring a program that celebrates diversity by supporting and respecting cultural, racial, and religious differences. Parent participation at any level is encouraged and valued. A strong parent-center relationship is crucial to our success.
Classrooms activities and physical arrangement is contingent upon implementation of best practices derived from an in-depth knowledge of child development and development theories. As mandated by the State of Michigan Department of Human Services a language and literacy rich environment is provided to enhance all aspects of emergent language and literacy skills. This includes support for children who are learning English as a second language, as well as support for their parents.
Children use play, adult and peer interactions, imitation, motivation, and direct instruction as processes through which knowledge is acquired and social connections are made. Classroom environments are designed and arranged in ways to allow for meaningful hands-on exploration, intense direct instruction, purposeful social interaction and behavioral intervention. Individualization is vital in all classrooms. We believe all children are capable and competent learners, have unique learning styles, and learn at their own pace. Teachers individualize curriculum and classrooms to inspire and challenge as well as allow for sequential successes.

Cultural Diversity

We value you and every child’s unique differences. Our program has a commitment to respecting all children and families’ diverse and cultural needs. Our goal is to provide a supportive early learning program that respects home culture and promotes and encourages the active involvement of the traditional family, extended family, and the non-traditional unit. To ensure all children and families of different cultures and ethnicities are respected and valued our program provides the following:

  • Baby dolls in each classroom with various skin colors and facial features.
  • We do not celebrate religious holidays as part of our curriculum. We do encourage families to share their individual holiday traditions with their child’s classroom.
  • Books, pictures, materials, and dress up clothes are in the classroom that reflects various cultures of the children.
  • We use “traditional clothing” as part of our dress up clothes such as, kimono’s or Native American headdresses.
  • Posters, songs, and language used in the classroom would include simple words from the cultures of the children in the classroom.
  • Curriculum focuses on the factors that make us different such as, skin color or language.
  • Family structure such as, dual parent families, single parent families, same sex parents, grandparents, etc., are reflected throughout the curriculum in stories, pictures, and discussions.

An intake family questionnaire helps us to gain information about the individual families’ values and customs.

Special Needs Care

Our program has a commitment to inclusion of all children. It is important that communication is ongoing and responsive to the needs of all families. We want to assure you that confidentiality is respected and upheld of all children and families in our care. In order to meet the individual needs of the child we ask that you communicate and special needs your child may have. We will always strive to maintain a barrier free physical environment to enhance the educational experience of all children in our program. If a need were to arise we would gladly help to connect you to any comprehensive services. Parents of children with special needs may request a written daily record.

school hours

M-F: 7:00 am - 6:00pm


7265 Merritt Rd.
Ypsilanti Charter Twp, MI 48197

6420 Textile Rd,
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